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Android Data Recovery”, “RAW Universal” and “DHFS” from “512Byte” company (512byte.com.ua) are the most useful products for digital forensic experts and data recovery specialists.

ADR” is a unique tool what is able to sort out files of SQLite database, recover records from free and unallocated space of the file and from a storage device.

The integrity of file’s structure of database isn’t important for “ADR” because of record’s searching but not the signature of SQLite. The program isn’t linked to popular apps like analogs and it makes a sectoral search.

The program is able to provide a large volume of data for analysis:

  1. geolocation (it doesn’t depend on apps where the files are saved);
  2. removed records from SQLite’s files;
  3. records from deleted databases;
  4. records from damaged files.

The program is able to search the memory of a storage device or data base’s file of SQLite for data’s export.

RAW Universal” is an effective tool to “cut out” files. The program has a unique algorithm of file’s searching that consists not just “from-to” and “current size” unlike analogues.

The program is able to analyze the structures of different types of data, define the integrity, show only readable files and form the titles by metadata files. That will be useful when files analysis for certain period.

DHFS” is a great decision for video recovering that are made by “Dahua” video recoders. This decision is made by “512Byte” company. Also the program automates the process of converting of the found data and make them available with all metadata (data, the time of record, duration, etr) for view.

Our programs

Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery

Program Description

Android Data Recovery (ADR512) is designed to find ...

RAW Universal

RAW Universal

Unmatched quality of the result Minimum of corrupted files Only the type of files ...

DHFS Recovery

DHFS Recovery

DHFS Recovery - the perfect solution to recover lost Dahua DVR video


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